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While some protest “over-priced” gas, Minnesota is cracking down on stations that sell “underpriced” gas. When will people learn that prices cannot be set by decree, public opinion and not even chain letter?
(Hat tip: Tim)

CA’s war on Gmail

California’s Senate voted 24-8 today to pass a bill restricting how Google’s ad-based Gmail service can serve up ads. The commie bastards responsible for this atrocity have a taxpayer-funded staff to take care of their taxpayer-funded email accounts, while Google works hard to allow millions of people to get access to a free and technologically innovative email account. Well, I am going to make Senator Figueroa’s attack on America a bit harder by emailing the CA senators from my Gmail account. (Assembly emails are here.) Feel free to send the letter below…or anything else that will help them appreciate the value of email.
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