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Books in print double in a decade


According to USA Today, the number of books in print more than doubled from 1993 to 2003. While part of the trend is due to economic growth, I think a major part of the trend is due to the Internet and the ease with which new authors can promote and research their ideas. The music industry would do well to take note of the Internet’s potential as a promotion and distribution medium rather than a threat.


After Mrs. Gandhi told senior party leaders Tuesday that she would not accept the top slot, party activists publicly pleaded in front of her home for a change of heart. One distraught Congress worker put a pistol to his head and threatened to commit suicide unless Gandhi reconsidered…One BJP minister resigned at the prospect of a Gandhi-led government; another threatened to cut off her own hair.

Gee, I’d be nice if we could get that kind of excitement for election in America..

20 greatest Americans


To follow up on my original post, here is my version of the 20 greatest figures in American history. I selected the candidates according to their virtues as Americans – and to do that, I had to derive the essence of Americanism. I selected three characteristics: love of freedom, individual rights, and the creation of wealth. Several vocations met these traits: statesmen, soldiers, philosophers, inventors and entrepreneurs. Here goes:

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