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Personal Update


My apologies for the lack of updates, but I haven’t felt like blogging lately.

So here’s a personal update: I just moved from Austin to Grand Prairie (Dallas) for a new job. I’ve been busy learning .Net web services. I also got a road bike and have been checking out the parks around Arlington. I’ve gotten involved in the North Texas Objectivist Society

I’ll probably feel like blogging again soon, but till then I’m active at my forum.

So you'd like to… Become a master .Net programmer


For you computer programmers, I’ve published So you’d like to… Become a master .Net programmer on Amazon.


Robert Tracinski on Katrina:

The man-made disaster is not an inadequate or incompetent response by federal relief agencies, and it was not directly caused by Hurricane Katrina. This is where just about every newspaper and television channel has gotten the story wrong.

The man-made disaster we are now witnessing in New Orleans did not happen over the past four days. It happened over the past four decades. Hurricane Katrina merely exposed it to public view.

The man-made disaster is the welfare state.


Next time you hear some ignorant fool blathering about the evils of “price gouging,” be sure to send him this link: Price Gouging Saves Lives. (more)

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