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lighting incense on Qíyūn ShānDSC01497DSC01447DSC01432from a peak on QiYun mountainQiYun mountain
shrine at QiYun mountainshrine at Qíyūn mountainJudges of the deadZen poetry on Qíyūn ShānXuantian Taisu Palacelittle shrine on a peak
Yuehua street on QiYunYuehua streetYehua street, Qíyūn mountainQíyūn mountain, Yellow Mountain provinceburning incense at a Buddhist shrinejiao
Qíyūn mountain, Yellow Mountain provinceview from Qíyūn mountain, Yellow Mountain provinceDSC01407dinnerbreakfastCampfire songs and stories

I’ve posted the photos from my trip to Qíyūn Shān on Flickr!

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