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David is a 272930 31 year old developer, IT consultant, and futurist currently residing in Austin Dallas New York City Shanghai . He enjoys programming, writing, cycling, and reading about technology.

My tech blog is at http://dotmac.rationalmind.net/.  This site is solely for my philosophical/political/personal rants.

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Autobiography in brief:

I was born in Ukraine on October 12, 1980. In 1990, I came with my family to the United States of America.  After eight years of in the government schools of San Antonio, Texas, I entered Texas A&M University, and discovered free-market economics. My interest in liberty led me to change my major to economics and political science. Not long after becoming a capitalist, my intellectual journey led me to begin a life-long study of philosophy and Ayn Rand’s philosophy of Objectivism. I have been an advocate of individual rights, and a pro-reason, pro-reality philosophy on campus as well as on the web. I enjoy debating philosophy, politics, economics, and technology with anyone who cares to offer me a rational argument. I currently do this at the Objectivism Online forums and the DFW Examined Life philosophy meetup group.

I have a strong interest in technology; especially the potential for information systems to improve human life. I enjoy web-design and programming for a living and as a hobby. Other technology interests include blogging, .Net, the semantic web, and content management systems. My professional goal is to become an expert in enterprise systems architecture. My intellectual goal is to study the theory, history, philosophy, and ethics of civilization. I graduated from Texas A&M University with a masters in Management of Information Systems. My personal goals are to find friends and a soulmate to share my values and passions, learn to fly a plane, and retire to write books on how great life should and can be. I enjoy reading, cycling, skiing, hiking, digital photography, flight simulators, good music and good films.

People who inspire me:

Fiction Writers: Ayn Rand, Robert Heinlein, James Clavell, Vernor Vinge, Neal Stephenson, Jules Verne, Arthur Conan Doyle, Herman Hesse

Non-fiction Writers: Ayn Rand, Ludwig Von Mises, Leonard Peikoff, Thomas Sowell, Milton Friedman, Henry Hazlitt, Ray Kurzweil, Aristotle.

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