Archive for 9/27/2003

Damn you, Cox!

My Internet connection has been mostly down the last four days, thanks to Cox Internet. I tried to do some off-line activities on my computer like finishing some unfinished essays and doing some coding, but even that seemed futile offline. After looking at a blank screen for a few hours, I resumed reading .NET Enterprise Design. It’s a neat book, even if it is ironic that I decided to read a book on designing effective networks while the internet was out.

How to be a Greedy American

Thanks to Google and MSNH&v=1&q=greedy+american">M.S.N. for recognizing me as the 3rd highest “Greedy American.” If I could go choose to be known by any one moniker, it would be as a “greedy American.” But this got me to thinking: who are the real greedy Americans? (And how can I capitalize on my search engine hits?) What is the essence of being selfish, anyway?
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