Archive for 9/9/2003

More news of interest: Patriots for the Defense of America issued “America’s Failing War Effort: A Report Card,” girl of 12 settles with RIAA for $2,000, and faced with losing their precious pools, Germans are turning to (God forbid!) private enterprise to save their badekultur.
Also:Tim’s article appears in today’s Mises Daily Article. It’s a decent story, but I don’t get his obsession with capitalizing the word “State.” Like using too many exclamation marks, it rapidly loses effectiveness with overuse!

Interesting: Thomas Sowell makes a convincing case for voting for Arnold, and a man ships himself home in a wooden cargo crate.

If you’re wondering where the real content is, I’m busy with my job, grad school, and a introduction to Objectivism that I’m writing for the meeting tomorrow. I’ll be sure to link it here when I’m done with it.