That is the slogan of the eco-terrorists group known as “ELF.” In the last few years, these home-made terrorists have not only been causing untold millions of dollars in damage, but have also been committing murder for “crimes against nature.” Ted Kacynski’s ‘revolution against the industrial system” is just one example of their methods, along with assassinating political opponents, and large-scale harassment and intimidation campaigns against American companies. A few years ago, they went after an insurer of a drug-testing company:

Employees have had their homes vandalized with spray-painted “Puppy killer” and “We’ll be back” notices. They have faced a mounting number of death threats, fire bombings and violent assaults. They’ve had their names, addresses and personal information posted on Web sites and posters, declaring them “wanted for collaboration with animal torture.”

While the scale of death and destruction caused by eco-terrorism has been growing, neither the police nor any federal agencies have pursued these groups with any seriousness, in large part due to the political power of the environmentalist movement.
Earlier today, a terrorist was finally arrested in CA for causing over $1 million dollars in damage. Their bold-faced lies are astounding:

[The offender’s] roommate insisted he had no role in the vandalism.
“We absolutely condemn it,” she told the Daily Bulletin. “We think it was wrong. We’re peace activists. We feel like we’re being unfairly targeted because we disagree with our government.”
Lopez said the FBI and the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms were continuing an investigation of federal crimes, which would be added to Connole’s state crimes charges. The FBI, after the arson and vandalism spree, released surveillance video from a Ford dealership in Duarte that showed two young men spray-painting SUVS.

Despite the scale of violence coming from these groups, a much more serious threat to our lives comes from the non-violent mainstream movement, which is just as dedicated to the wholesale destruction of human life. I think Glenn Woiceshyn sums it up best:

Since man survives only by conquering nature, man is an inherent threat to the “intrinsic value” of nature and must therefore be eliminated. Environmentalism makes man the endangered species.

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