23rd Jul, 2002

Censorship, etc

Check this out:
“Police in Italy didn’t care that five Web sites they deemed blasphemous and thus illegal were located in the United States, where First Amendment protections apply. The police shut them down anyway in early July, simply by sitting down at the alleged offender’s Rome computer. ”
Yes, blasphemy is illegal in Italy, just as “hate speech” is illegal in France. Gotta love the Europeans, huh? No wonder they’re in love with Palestinians…

In a totally unrelated story, a Russian jet full of kids on vacation slammed into a cargo jet:
“Ordered to climb higher by the electronic voice of the cockpit’s automatic collision detector, the pilot of the children’s plane obeyed the befuddled ground controller instead. The airliner dove head-on into a DHL cargo jet - a tragedy that might have been averted if people put more faith in machines”

Are people EVER going to learn to trust computers? Do it for the children!!!

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