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The first summer session is almost over!


I finished my swimming class today, and I’ve really improved over the last few months, from dog paddling back and forth in the water to finally getting my freestyle technique down, learning how to do flip turns, and generally not looking totally incompetent in the water anymore. I was afraid of failing it when I started the class, as coditioning swimming is probably the hardest KINE class at A&M, but by the end I *almost* had an A, and would have if I had not taken it pass/fail.
Oh, and there are two other side effects -I finally started replacing some of those emergency supplies ..err fat I had been generating with muscle, and the endorphin induced high I get after workouts has been keeping me in relatively high spirits despite a very dull summer. Oh, and today, when I entered the outdoor pool, I could have sworn all the girls checked me out (or is it my speedos?) hehe



I found a quote I like on the web, which sumarizes my philosophy pretty well:

“What is is. Perceive it. Integrate it honestly. Act on it. Idealize it.”

Web Stuff


I redesigned Laurel’s Site for a totally new look and posted a totally new site, based on my INFO 209 Project, “A guide to compression for the Web

Check out Laurel’s Site

Also, I am working on a new essay (several essays actually) called “Politics for the Unitiated”
A draft of its beginning’s is currently up here.

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