NK Nukes

Steve sent me two interesting stories about nuclear proliferation in North Korea and the Middle East. I don’t think there’s any better way to sum up the matter than this.

In other news, a new poll says that 59% of Palestinians would support terrorist bombings of Israel even if Israel pulled out of West Band and Gaza, and a Palestinian state were formed.

Fifty-nine percent of Palestinians believe that Hamas and Palestinian Islamic Jihad should continue their armed struggle against Israel even if Israel leaves all of the West Bank and Gaza, including East Jerusalem, and a Palestinian state is created, a new survey shows.

Similarly, 80 percent of Palestinians say that, under those circumstances, the Palestinians should not give up the “right of return.”

Nintey-six percent of Israeli Jews say the people who piloted the planes on September 11 were terrorists, while 37 percent of Palestinians share that view.

Slightly more than one in four – 26 percent – of Palestinians believe Israelis planned the 9-11 attacks.

Forty-two percent of Palestinians and 61 percent of Israeli-Arabs stated that they support the people who are attacking Americans in Iraq. Zero percent of Israeli Jews said they did.

Jews don’t support Islamic terrorism? No way!

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  1. Laurel


    You say that only 37% of Palestinians call the 9-11 terrorists “terrorists”, while 26% of Palestinians believe Israelies were behind the 9-11 attacks. Do these groups overlap? Because one would assume that *if* Israelis were behind the attack, then Palestinians would consider them terrorists. Do you see what I mean? What percentage of Palestinians say Israelis were behind the attacks AND they are terrorists? Or are there semantic nuances that I don’t understand? Perhaps you don’t have the polling information to answer this question, but I’m just curious. Let me know.

  2. David

    Um, I have no idea, though I see your point.

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