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New features on

I am really impressed with the new Amazon mp3 website. Not only are the downloads DRM-free, but they are cheaper than Apple’s iTunes store. I had stayed away from iTunes because I wanted some security in case I got a non-Apple media player, but also because I am deluded by rap songs on the iTunes homepage and have to search for the songs I like. In Amazon, I get great recommendations based on music I like. Why hasn’t Apple done this yet??

For those of you who are interested in such things, Amazon is making available an RSS feed with my recent purchases. This is a cool feature, but I think it would be even cooler to browse “John Smith’s Store” which shows everything a person has bought along with their ratings. Obviously, you’d need to build some privacy control into this.

How cool would be to browse a virtual store with all your purchases and your ratings of products? This would make grocery shopping much faster. When can we finally get a kitchen which will reorder products automatically? How great would it be to visit a bookstore with just the books all your friends liked? I’m afraid that the hysteria over privacy rather than technology is the biggest roadblock here.

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Make October 20 "Light’s On" day in Los Angeles

The city and county of Los Angeles is organizing a voluntary “lights out” event on October 20 to “fight climate change.” 

If you agree with me that this event is a moral atrocity and a stepping stone to coercive restrictions on human industry, then I urge you to use as much energy as possible from 8-9pm October 20th, 2007.  Shine your lights bright, and run your dishwasher, laundry, vacuum, and any other electronic device you have.  If we don’t take a stand against environmentalism now, we might not have a choice when the next blackout hits because yet another power plant was banned.

(The site is, but please don’t link to it.)

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MIT's learning Leonardo Robot

How cool is this:

(More cool robots.)

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Ayn Rand Institute editorial/press release RSS feed

Since the Objectivist Metablog republishes most of ARI’s press releases, I created an RSS feed which allows you to feed those press releases to your newsreader/website:

Please note that the feed contains a copyright notice reproduced verbatim from ARI’s press releases.  You will have to follow the rules in their copyright notice if you want to publish it on your site.

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Censorship by any other name

Net neutrality” is the new fairness doctrine for the Internet.

Edit: The crazy thing is that Verizon caved to customer pressure within 24 hours – proving the power of the market – yet its brief initial refusal has been taken up as proof of the need for government censorship.

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Taking death-worship to a whole new level Mexico

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