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I’m currently migrating my server to Linux and this blog to Movable Type. Most of the site has been converted from asp/.Net to php already, but I’m migrating the remnants (including the asp blog and the access comment database) to run on Linux. Sorry Bill, it’s been a bumpy ride and I decided to move on. If speed is any indication, the server performance of my wimpy 233Mhz ADVX Linux server is comparable to my 1.2Ghz XP/IIS desktop. (Update: The new MT blog is under way.)

Btw, someone emailed me to ask what CMS and scripting language this website runs on. I counted four scripting languages and three databases: asp, .Net, perl, php and MySQL, access, and XML, respectively. I wouldn’t dare accuse anyone of writing such a Frankenstein monstrosity, so I offer my learning experience in each language as my excuse. Speaking of php, it’s extremely intuitive and pleasant to code, unlike the bulky and dated asp. (Don’t get me started on jsp!)

Note: If the above didn’t any sense, don’t worry, I’ll be back to bashing peaceniks and other assorted lefties as soon as the operation is complete.

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