Top six ways to lower gas prices

Here is a list of the top six things the government can, should, and won’t do to greatly reduce gas prices and six things that are likely to either have no effect or raise them, but are frequently done anyway. (The following post comes from a recent reply to an online forum.)

Top six ways to reduce gas prices:
1. Eliminate direct and indirect sales taxes on gas. (Road money has to come from somewhere of course, but taxes on gas do not provide an efficient means of paying for them.)
2. Eliminate state and federal regulations regarding contaminants and fuel mixtures.
3. Break up the OPEC monopoly by forcefully privatizing oil production in the Middle East.
4. Eliminate anti-trust regulations, especially against oil and processing companies.
5. Sell federal lands, especially in Alaska.
6. Eliminate emissions regulations on cars.

Top six things the government is likely to do that will raise or not affect gas prices:
1. Fuel-efficient cars, and especially federal subsidies for them. The impact on worldwide oil use is too small to matter, but car manufacturers must pass on extra production costs to consumers.
2. The war in Iraq. Obviously, this has raised, not reduced oil prices, as expected.
3. Government price controls on gas. Socialists who think that market prices are set at the whim oil companies while government prices are set according to some form of bureaucratic omniscience are deluding themselves.
4. Boycotts on gas buying = total economic ignorance not worth a response.
5. Public transportation and car-pooling. This may reduce the cost of transportation for individuals, but it will have little impact on global oil prices. Meanwhile, public transportation is subsidized by higher gas taxes.
6. Government-mandated “clean” energy and electric cars. Where do you think the energy for electric batteries comes from? Magic? Like recycling, if it’s not chosen by the market, it’s more likely to waste, not save energy costs.

More ideas.


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5 Responses to Top six ways to lower gas prices

  1. David, of your top six ways of cutting gas costs, I believe comments 3 through 5 will have a tremendous impact.

    Regarding 6, there is a much higher purpose than the typical lame leftist excuse for environmental controls- protection of individuals and their property from the adverse effects of pollution.

    Protection of individuals and their properties is a far higher purpose than environmental controls and will do worlds to keep the environment clean.


  2. Tim

    Excellent ideas! I also would like to chime in, that while we can not pruduce enough oil for current consumption, why are we still putting a portion of it into our reserves? We may not be in bad enough shape to tap into the reserves, but we could certainly take a break from stocking them. We are told constantly that we don’t have enough oil for current needs, why are we still putting it into storage?!?!

  3. brandon

    thank you these help a lot.

  4. Gas prices these days are just getting higher, i think the government should focus more on alternative energy.~-:

  5. This is such crap….The ONLY solution is that we HAVE to move away from a fossil fuel driven energy and to new forms of energy. Ideas such as car pooling, battery driven cars, and lowering the speedlimit world wide are all good places to start. But the bottom line is little is going to happen until we get everyone on board, and as long as you have people denying global warming and refusing to see the dire situation we are in then little will change. You know it took years for people to realize smoking was horrible for your health until it was so obvious you couldnt deny it, lets just pray that it doesnt take as long for people to realize the damage the gas and oil industry has done to our earth and that we catch it before its too late.

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