My Favorite Streaming Internet Radio Stations

A long time ago, I discovered my school’s file-sharing network and stopped buying music CD’s. Some time after that, I decided that while CD’s cost too much, stealing music is wrong. So, I switched to streaming internet radio, and have been listening to various streaming stations ever since. I’d like to share some of my favorites – just keep in mind that I listen to this while working or studying, so I prefer music that I can play in the background without distracting me too much. Feel free to comment with the streaming stations you like.

  • Yahoo Launch offers personalized music streams and lets to rank your favorite genres/artists/albums/artists. They have a free ad-based and premium stations.
  • Club977 is a “commercial free” 80’s station.
  • Soma FM offers “Groove Salad,” a “ tasty plate of ambient beats and grooves. Takes the edge off work.”
  • Digitally Imported offers a number of great stations including hard/soft/euro techno and classical stations.
  • Shoutcast is a directory of thousands of free streaming stations playable with WinAmp.

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