North Korea's Making Nukes!

If you read my blog from August, you’d know that I suspected that some of that expertise the U.S. is putting into building North Korea a nuclear reactor might not just be used for peaceful purposes. Not surprisingly, N. Korea just admitted to having an active nuclear weapons development program, rejected its previous anti-nuclear agreement, and refused to allow any inspections. Oh, and when the U.S. envoy asked about its programs, it accused our diplomats of “threatening remarks.”

So, not only are we sending Korean troops millions in food every year, but we are even teaching them to build nukes!
Whatever happened to the “Axis of Evil”? And how does the fact that Korea may have an advanced nuclear weapons program affect our stance towards Iraq? I’m not sure, but if there is anything to be learned, it is that you shouldn’t provide weapons and military training to wacko fundamentalists, such as we did for Afghanistan, military intelligence and support for dictators (as we did got Iraq in its war against Iran) and nuclear plants and other aid for the “Axis of Evil” – such as we are doing now for North Korea.
Really people, this isn’t rocket science.

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