Time to reconsider "gun-free" zones?

Once again, Americans are faced with the counter-productive consequences of gun control. At least 33 students were killed today in a rampage on the Virginia Tech campus. The shootings were reportedly committed with two 9mm handguns. The killer chained shut the dormitory doors, and went door-to-door slaughtering students. The usual police procedure in such situations is to wait outside until for a SWAT team to arrive and access the situation before taking action, which usually gives the perpetrator plenty of time to run out of ammo.

Students, teachers, and security guards who want to protect themselves on campus face severe criminal penalties for violating federal and state “gun free” zones.

How many victims have to die before people realize that “gun free zones” are not such a good idea?


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3 Responses to Time to reconsider "gun-free" zones?

  1. Garrett Valdez

    You know, I said the exact same thing today and my mother called me heartless. I told her that if students were allowed to carry firearms all it would take was for someone to see him firing one round and he would have been dropped like a fly.

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  3. Mike Neibel

    Yes, it is time to rethink gun free zones. The real guilty people here are the people who provided a killer with 32 legally disarmed victims he could happily slaughter. I’m not saying every student should be armed but perhaps security should be and without the kill me first uniforms. But even the college administration isn’t solely at fault. The real guilty parties are the professors who convinced the administration and most of all the students, students who were expecting rationality from their professors, that gun free zones would make them safe. Such zones make no one safe.

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