David Leo Veksler

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Expert consulting for .Net based e-commerce websites and non-profit organizations or a full-time position architecting and implementing cutting-edge information systems using the Microsoft.Net framework.

Technical Skills


Web Development:

System Administration:

Content creation:


Relevant Professional Experience 

Reynolds & Reynolds, Plano TX

·         Implemented a high-volume real-time distributed transaction processing system for converting and enriching mainframe output into relational database data for display on the web.

c-Software Systems, Arlington, TX

·         Participated in the design of a new web OAGIS-based web service protocol for the motor sports industry and single-handedly beat a major industry team to market by leveraging .Net web services.

·         Converted Crystal Reports-based reports to DataDynamics ActiveReports using custom-designed reporting classes to achieve significant performances and functionality improvements.

Ludwig von Mises Institute, Auburn AL.

·         Migrated a 10,000+ page ASP-based legacy site to a custom-written .Net content management system and integrated it with internal systems and external finance and order-management parents.

·         Integrated 20GB of text, multimedia content, and academic journals into a custom-designed .Net content management system.

·         Created a donation/registration system that increased online donations eight-fold for a multi-million dollar organization, and created several new staff positions.

·         Migrated a major website to a single Windows 2003 web server and optimized performance to provide high-speed access to dynamic content and live webcasts to 1.7 million monthly visitors.

·         Created a CRM/inventory management/online storefront/marketing system using VB.Net and SQL Server for ASP.Net/ Windows Forms.

·         Used iterative development methods, use cases, and extensive user input/testing to create an application with 20,000 lines of code and 70+ interfaces with a concept to launch time of just 5 1/2 months.

·         Leveraged the .Net framework to rapidly create role-based security, event/error logging, conditional caching, and then shared business/data layers between web-based and Forms interfaces.

·         Sole designer and developer of a roommate/apartment matching service utilizing the .Net framework, SQL Server 2000, and Visual Studio 2003.

·         Applied ASP.Net best practices to create complex multi-tiered and object-oriented web applications.

·         Technical support, ASP/MSSQL web development, and maintenance of library websites and resources.


·         Texas A&M University - College Station, TX

·         2003-2004: Masters in Management of Information Systems

·         2000-2003:  BS in Economics and Political Science

Extracurricular activities         


Fluent in English and Russian, basic knowledge of Spanish.