Wild about Mint.com

I just signed up with Mint.com, a free personal finance management site. You provide your banking and credit card login information, and it provides detailed analysis and alerts regarding your financial situation.  I’ve never used personal finance software before, but this seems like a terrifically useful application, especially for anyone who wants to stick to a budget.  Check out the screenshots for youself.

I also tried Geezeo.com, which is the same kind of thing, but it’s not as slick, and was unable to import my accounts for whatever reason.

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  1. Jason

    I’ve been using mint.com for several months, it’s a really great idea, but the site itself has a ton of bugs and they are slow to fix them. It’s much easier to use than quicken or msmoney in my opinion, it will be great once they get all the kinks worked out.

    The suggestions they make are sometimes useful, they introduced me to ING Direct, which is an excellent free checking account.

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