So much for "unanimous" – an inconvenient truth

Al Gore’s new movie on global warming, “An Inconvenient Truth,” opens with scenes from Hurricane Katrina slamming into New Orleans. The former vice president says unequivocally that because of global warming, it is all but certain that future hurricanes will be more violent and destructive than those in the past.

With the official start of hurricane season days away, meteorologists are unanimous that the 2006 tropical storm season, which runs from June 1 through November, is likely to be a doozy.

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Can you name a single hurricane from 2006? If not, don’t be too hard on yourself -it’s “the most tranquil season in a decade“.

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  1. z

    No, you see it was all caused by an El Nino, they will say. Next year we are really doomed! 2007 will be the year of the Hurricane! Unless the El Nino interferes again. In which case, 2008 will have dozens of murderous hurricanes!

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