Give us money, or we'll rape our women

This BBC article talks about how sexual violence in war is increasing. The article does not provide
an explanation, but I can think of two: (1) the massive amounts
of aid being sent to Africa is being used to fund ethnic wars,
and (2) the world is actually more peaceful than ever, so it is
the most savage (African and Islamic) civilizations which are
still waging wars are getting all the attention. The
interesting part is this:

Sexual violence has also been linked to development
funding. Cases in Gaza and the West Bank have increased
significantly since the EU and the US cut funding after
January’s election of Hamas, Luay Shabaneh of the
Palestinian Central Bureau of Statistics says.

In other words, we should not cut off funding to
terrorist groups because when they don’t have the money to
commit violent acts against us, they will commit violent acts
to their own women. And of course Kofi Annan ” urged donors to
“provide the backing required” to deal with the problem.”

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