Archive for 8/24/2005

My Google Portal sites

Here are some nifty sites whose RSS feeds I’ve added to my Google Portal:

eHow – features daily “how to” article. Today’s “how to” stories include “How to Deal With an Overbearing Mother” and “How to Select Art for Your Home”

Engadget – my source for all gadget-related news. For more general (and more left-biased) tech news, be sure to check out Slashdot.

Interesting Thing of the Day – a daily article on some interesting thing for the culturally-inspired (or challenged).

Wired – one of the first online culture mags, they will occasional feature interesting commentary — if you can filter out all the nonsense.

Capitalism Magazine: a collection of conservative editorials and ARI press releases, this is a good survey of capitalist and Objectivist writing. daily articles –a variety of writers, including the occasional libertarian peacenik, but also some brilliant economic commentary. For more economic insight, check out Café Hayek

The Egosphere – last but not least is my own metablog, which features posts and articles from about a dozen Objectivist bloggers, including yours truly.

Google Talk is LIVE!

Google talk is LIVE! Get it now! Add me: heroic(aT) gmail(dot)com

(For those who don’t follow Google’s product lines religiously, Google Talk is their new instant messaging service.)