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Racial traits in cartoons across cultures


I noticed an interesting difference between the racial traits of American and Japanese cartoon characters today. Japanese cartoon characters do not have racial distinctions as American carton characters do. Americans viewers often assume that the large-eye style and varied hair and skin color of anime characters refers to Caucasian traits, but this is not true.

DEA thugs find more lives to ruin


I normally don’t bother ranting about the evils of the “drug war” but this is just insane: after five years of ignoring the trade in “research chemicals,” the government is sentencing the vendors to life in prison for selling psycodelic drugs online. These are not stereotypical drug dealers – they are individuals who privately manufactured drugs and (for the most part) openly sold them via pharmacy web sites for years, without any legal threat. The drugs were clearly marked with a biohazard warning symbol and written warnings, so surely the idiots who took them weren’t fooled as to what they were getting into. However, because some evil DEA thug classified them as “illicit drugs” rather than “health supplements” they now face a life in prison, while the state seizes millions in loot from their property.
Activism link: The Center for Cognitive Liberty & Ethics

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