Flu shot surplus

After a panic over a flu shot shortage, the media is now reporting a flu shot surplus. What else would you expect from socialized medicine?


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2 Responses to Flu shot surplus

  1. Michael Hussey

    We really need to expose this experiment in socialized medicine for the failure that is has been…let the capitalists decide how many flu shots there should be.

  2. Garrett Valdez

    Oddly enough, I’m sure the shortage originated from a hyped-up biased media; A media which will most likely convince people that they have a right to flu shots. If I were to get every major news station to report a shortage in paper clips your would see a sudden influx of people stockpiling pieces of bent aluminum. Simply put, leave it to people to decide what they need; let supply and demand regulate the ammount of anything. If there is a need for more flu shots, they will be produced, albeit at a higher price, but it’s better than rationed flu shots to the “needy”.

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