24th Sep, 2004

Random tunes…

Do you remember the popular 1999 song “Blue” (“I’m blue da ba de..”) by the Europop band Eiffel 65? It’s the one with the video of the dancing blue guys. (Did you notice that that song is a rant against materialism?) Well, the first song on that CD is “Too Much Of Heaven,” a Marxist/environmentalist rant against materialism that’s unusually explicit about the problem:

it’s called money dependence today,
and people just keep on going on
looking at the dollar bill,
and nothing else around them.
no love, no friendship, nothing else,
just the dollar bill coming on into their pocket,
into their bank account,
and that’s too much of heaven
bringing them underground.

…and typically vague about the “solution:”

the answer,
is blowing in the wind.
the answer is blowing.

The last song on that CD is called “hyperlink” and it is the most pathetic attempt to sound techno-savyy I have ever heard:

I want a click, a click to your heart
a hyperlink into you.

a sexual browser from here to the end
a newsgroup one on one

don’t need a modem to connect to your mind
no search engine to find you

i want a click, a click to your heart
a hyperlink to go inside you.

Yes, I like Europop. You wanna make something of it?


Eiffel65 songs are kinda um what’s the word? gay. Come on, I want to click to your heart? wtf? anyway, nice blog

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