I haven’t blogged much lately, so it’s time for an update on the recent goings-on in my life. I mentioned a while back that I had a great internship coming up in San Antonio. Unfortunately, the company reneged on their offer on the last minute, so I took summer classes and worked for the first half of the summer, which kept me very busy, but will allow me to graduate in August. Fortunately, I found another internship working on the website of the Ludwig Von Mises Institute in Auburn AL, where I am currently staying and working. I will be here until the end of their summer conference, by which point I hope to find some long-term employment.

The more immediate reason for the lack of updates is that I wasn’t able to take my desktop with me, and due to a combination of lack of planning and the incompetence of Dell customer support, I won’t receive my new laptop till at least Monday. My email access will be sporadic for a while, but I can be reached at heroic(at)gmail.com or veksler(at)mises.org