Do you like the random quotes you see on my website? Would you like to add my random quote generator to your site? You can do so in a number of ways:

  • As a JavaScript include (easiest method):
    Paste the following text into your html:

    <script language=”Javascript” xsrc=””></script>

  • As XML: Use this URL:

  • As PHP code:

    < ?php

  • As text (when screen scraping):
  • Google Gadget:

If you want to submit your own quotes, you can view the full list and add new quotes. (The quotes will not appear until I approve them.)

If you want to limit the quotes to a specific author, add author=Authors Name to the URL. (To filter by topic, use ?topic=KeyWord ) You can combine this with the format. For example: Rand&format=js

If you want to view all quotes by a specific author, add ?show_author= to the url like so: Rand