Do you want to take a leading
role in America’s intellectual renaissance? Are you interesting in
participating in an active Objectivist community on the web? Would you
like to exchange ideas in a forum that does not tolerate irrationality?

To provide all this and more, has been created to
bring together the vast resources on Objectivism that are scattered all
across the Internet into one integrated marketplace. We believe that
the Internet is a key tool to spread the ideas of Objectivism, and would like to invite you to join us. has
many features that make it the best marketplace for Objectivist ideas
on the Internet today:

  • A meta-blog combining original content,
    commentary on latest news and events, links to great articles on the
    web, and announcements about new Objectivist events, essays, books, and
  • Our forum,
    now in existence for over a year, brings the opportunity for extensive
    dialogue with Objectivist intellectuals all across the world on topics
    such as metaphysics, epistemology, ethics, politics, art, science, and
    more! Our forum recently broke the 3,000 posts mark and has over 185
    registered members.

  • An essay
    section which serves as a resource for Objectivist ideas from all the
    branch of philosophy as well as other essays of philosophical interest.
    We currently have 35 essays and would like to greatly increase that
    with your submissions.
  • A chat
    room specifically for our users. We plan to use this chat room for
    informal chats as well as moderated discussions on various
    philosophical and informal topics!

  • Our web links section brings together Objectivism-related resources
    from all corners of the web. With 112 current links and more on the
    way, you can find a vast resource of ideas currently being spread!

  • Additional features include: a movie/music/book reviews section, photo
    and art galleries, and fliers for Objectivism clubs! Soon, we will be
    adding an in-depth marketplace where you can find reviews on a variety
    of products through ranging from books to music to DVD’s and
    much more!

We are currently looking for volunteers to participate in this blog. If you are interested, please leave a comment or contact me.