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Orkut is a brand new online community begun by a Google employee. It’s fast, easy to use (there are communities for every imaginable interest – I’m in 40 or so) and it makes it very easy to meet people for friendship, business or dating. It’s invitation-only, so contact me if you would like an invitation.


Ever wonder what would happen if you used handwashing detergent in place of dishwashing detergent?

Email Troubles

Due my recent hosting problems, I’ve discovered that my david (at) address has lost a ton of email. If you’ve sent me anything during the last week(s) and I didn’t reply, please send it again, and CC it to capt_david (at) just in case. Hopefully, things should be back to normal soon.

Sorry, the “land of the free” is now closed to the opressed.

Cubans hoping to ‘drive’ to freedom aboard a converted Buick are stopped by the U.S. Coast Guard near the Florida Keys — and now face repatriation, exile leaders say. You can find a discussion of the issue here.