Archive for 12/23/2003

Cloned deer at A&M

Texas A&M has cloned a deer, which brings up the total number of species cloned at Aggieland to six. Nice to know that my own little neck of the woods is at the forefront of cloning research.

“presidential candidate selector poll”

SelectSmart has a “presidential candidate selector poll.” Given that my answer was not listed for 2/3 of the questions, I think that the results are fairly accurate:

1. Your ideal theoretical candidate. (100%)
2. Libertarian Candidate (71%)
3. Bush, President George W. – Republican (69%)
4. Gephardt, Rep. Dick, MO – Democrat (43%)
5. Lieberman, Senator Joe, CT – Democrat (42%)
6. Edwards, Senator John, NC – Democrat (37%)
7. Kerry, Senator John, MA – Democrat (33%)
8. Dean, Gov. Howard, VT – Democrat (31%)
9. Sharpton, Reverend Al – Democrat (25%)
10. Phillips, Howard – Constitution (23%)

Though you will never see a campaign banner on my site, I will almost certainly be (once again) voting for Bush. Not because I like him or his policies, but because I alternatively shudder, laugh, and cringe at the alternatives.