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Saddam Hussein Captured Alive


“It’s true,” said a U.S. intelligence official in Baghdad about the arrest of the former dictator. The official wouldn’t give any more details except to confirm that the former dictator had been detained the night before…
Celebratory gunfire erupted across Baghdad as the news of the fallen Iraqi president’s arrest spread across the town. Iraqis showed their joy that the brutal leader had been detained by firing bursts of automatic weapons fire into the air.

My, how the mighty have fallen:
Saddam Captured Image

Not surprisingly, liberals are distraught over Saddam’s capture. One remarks “Sigh. All I can think about is the effect of Saddam’s capture on the Dean campaign! … Somebody cheer me up, please!
Leftists everywhere are secretly (and sometimes openly) hoping for more casualties. The media is doing their part too: not more than a few minutes after the story broke, (yes, I was up) I saw headlines on CNN and MSNBC proclaiming “Saddam’s capture could lead to more violence.” The headlines seem to have disappeared after Iraqis everywhere decided to celebrate rather than vow revenge. Anyway, I have to go work on my data mining project, so read up on the story at Hootinan and the Command Post.

Goddamn commies


“The Edge,” a slick and glossy publication produced by the TAMU Business Council is one of the most anti-business magazines I’ve ever read. Whether bashing McDonalds or the “moral depravity” of Martha Stewart, some of the editorials beat Pravda in their distate for capitalism. The only jobs I’ve seen praised are for non-business groups like the military and the CIA. And that’s the truth.

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