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Ever wonder how a terrorist thinks?
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More death-worship from the Palestinians. Anyone who still thinks only a minority of Palestians support terrorism is living in a fantasy world.

Researchers who found that young Muslims were to blame for many attacks on Jews were told several times by the European Union to change their conclusions, they said yesterday.
The report’s authors responded yesterday by saying their findings had been shelved because criticism of Muslims did not fit in with the centre’s agenda.

They had found that young Muslims, particularly immigrants from the Middle East and North Africa, were responsible for much of the rise in anti-Semitism. The far-Right and some Left-wing anti-globalisation activists were also partly to blame, they said.


Check out this masterpiece of evasion by Howard Dean on the Drudge Report. Observe how he expects the media companies to offer themselves as willing sacrifices for the sake of “democracy,” and that he defines “censorship” not as the absence of governmental control of the press, but as the active use of government coercion to provide “information from all portions of the political spectrum, not just one.” Note also the New Deal justification of “saving capitalism from itself.”

Dean is right about one thing — “The essence of capitalism, which the right-wing never understands — it always baffles me — is, you got to have some rules.” What socialists like Dean will never understand however, is that the basic rule of capitalism is not the adoption of socialism, but the removal of force from men’s relationships.
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China’s communist authorities are training “Internet police” to trace political dissidents using the world wide web to evade state censorship.

Kyoto is Dead

Russia has rejected the Kyoto Protocol. As TCS points out, Russia’s real motivations have more to do with pragmatic politicking than any regard for the sound science, but with the EU itself falling far behind its own Kyoto goals, this environmentalist wet dream (and economic nightmare) is finished. Good riddance!

Never thought it would happen to me…

I discovered today that my credit card racked up $2,500 in charges during the last two days for unspecified “network services.” I have my suspicions about how my number leaked out, so I offer this advice: don’t ever send out your credit card number on a non-encrypted connection, even if it’s someone you trust. Btw, while I was waiting for a CitiBank rep, I heard two things — “Congratulations, your account limit has been upgraded to $3000!” and some advice: “spend wisely – live richly.”