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Mail Call

I got an email today from “HotSexyYellaFella31”:

…i am very interested. I am a 17/m/tx and I live very close to the area you live in….I am str8 but I wanna see what messing with a guy is like. If you need your dick sucked or a quick jack off email me or give me your phone number ASAP [email protected]
-Of course I would be looking for the same, but i am a reasonable person so just try it out wit me.

For some freakish reason I have gotten at least a dozen of such emails from various “str8” men. Normally I just delete them, but I’m going to make an example out of this “kid.” A few points:

  • If you are propositioning random men for gay sex, you may be “str8” but are definitely not straight.
  • My website states quite clearly that I am interested exclusively in the female sex.
  • In case you missed that, it states even more clearly that I am a 23 year old graduate student, which is probably a good sign that I won’t be picking up any “confused” 17-year olds anytime soon.
  • If “HotSexyYellaFella31” is indeed 17, then he probably needs a good grounding and a psychiatrist. I suspect however that he is an adult looking for vulnerable minors, in which case he probably needs a cop.
  • I don’t care if you the Olson twins and you just turned 18, I absolutely refuse to talk to anyone who thinks that ”wit” “u” and “r” are legitimate words.
  • Parents, please check your kid’s email.