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My Wish List

As my 23rd birthday approached, several people asked me what I’d like to get. I understand that my unusual intellectual persuasions make finding a suitable present somewhat difficult, especially for my family. So, purely out of an altruistic concern for easing your present-searching efforts, I spent several hours laboring to create an wish list of the books and gadgets I’d like to get.

I also made a list of my favorite novels and non-fiction books, sorted by my recommended reading order for anyone interested in reaching my level of intellectual nirvana :-) It’s not meant to be a definite guide by any means, just a list of what I consider essential reading for any rational, well-rounded, new intellectual geek.

Didn’t Jesus eat fish?

Disney joins forces with pro-fish activists: “Fish are friends, not food!”
My favorite part:

What about Jesus and the fish? Didn’t Jesus eat fish?
Probably not: There is strong evidence suggesting that Jesus was a vegetarian. The only stories depicting Jesus eating fish took place after the resurrection, and most Biblical scholars agree that they are very late additions to the Gospels. The scribes who added the stories were not, apparently, averse to eating fish. But since this is the only depiction anywhere in the Gospels of Jesus eating any animals at all, it seems that he was a vegetarian.