Archive for 10/10/2003

I’m too lazy to write a blog today, so go read someone else’s rantings:
Fixed “The earth is not moving: over 400 years of deception exposed! The Bible told the truth all along! ”
Allah is in Da House: “Your Jew mind-reading powers are strong indeed, tasty infidel.”

Getting ready for class this morning, I considered dressing up for the today’s business fair. I was about to put on my Sunday best when I happened to glance at the window and saw a torrential flood coming down outside. I suddenly felt very fortunate that I could be completely ignorant of the nasty weather outside while in my home. Unfortunately, I still had to walk a mile to class, and as I got completely soaked while walking barefoot across campus, I thanked the gods of industry that I didn’t have to freeze to death in some leaky shack or cave every time it rained as those damn “back to nature” environmentalists would have us do. Admittedly, I enjoyed walking barefoot across the flooded grass on campus, but only because I knew that I had clean and warm clothes waiting for me at home.