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Dear Friend,

If you’re like I was a year ago, you’re in trouble with money. You have bad credit and BIG debts, and you’re looking for answers. I’ve been where you are now, and I know the secret to getting out.

I’ve done everything you would expect to make money. Lottery tickets? I tried that. Books on getting rich in the stock market? I bought a library of them. Online casinos? I lost a fortune in them. Day-trading using free internet stock tips emailed to me by anonymous people? Been there. Sending money to strangers in Nigeria? Done that.

Despite my efforts, all of the above systems actually caused me to have LESS money, not MORE. Just like you, I didn’t understand. But then I discovered the secret. How to REALLY MAKE MONEY. The secret is this:
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Commanding Heights on PBS

I hear that the Commanding Heights miniseries is pretty good — and now it’s all online. The book has been gathering dust on my shelves for a while, so I think I’ve give the video version a try. Stay tuned for a review..

Update: I saw the miniseries, and I have two words for you: SEE IT. The series is a must-see for anyone who shares an interest in economics or want to learn about the economic history of the 20th century and the issues surrounding “globalization.”
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MSNBC provides some “tips” for fixing the power grid. Their “fix”? Nationalization, regulation, and environmentalism — the very causes of the blackouts.
Ah well, another great Cox and Forkum. Also: FCC head warns of more regulations.

Why Objectivists Shouldn’t Be “Atheists”

Relax, I still think that Jesus is nothing but a dressed-up Santa for adults. What I realized after debating with Christians during the last few days however, is that presenting yourself as an “atheist” or making atheism the focus in a debate is not a good idea. The obvious reason is that I am not primarily an advocate of atheism, but of reason and individual rights. However, this fact alone does not explain how one should present these issues to theists, who happen to be the great majority of the students at my school. As I found out, there are three good reasons to avoid making God the focus or even a starting point of your arguments.
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