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Et tu, Arnold?


Druge reports that Schwarzenegger’s top economic adviser Warren Buffett wants to raise taxes. Buffet is a democrat and a vocal critic of Bush’s tax cut. This is the man Arnold picked for his economic advisor? I know he wants some credibility, but this is not the way to get it. Does anyone remember seeing Arnold with Milton Friedman on the “Free to Choose” videos praising free-market policies?

NY Blackout Special Edition


Quick Quiz: What is the media’s most likely take on the blackout:

  1. The “complexity” and “chaos” of the market is unsuitable for an “essential” need like electricity.
  2. The blackout was caused by America’s over-reliance on fossil fuels – we need to reduce our electricity use and move to renewable energy sources.
  3. The minor looting and small number of deaths caused by the blackout is a sure sign that we can trust the government to protect our lives.
  4. The Democrats haven’t found a way to blame the Bush administration for it, but they’re going to have something soon.
  5. The blackout is an inevitable consequence of a heavily regulated, price-controlled, forcibly monopolized, and eco-crazed power industry.


If you know what the SCO scam is, you might find this humorous. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, move on, nothing interesting here.

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