Word on the street is that North Korea is selling long-range ballistic missiles to Iran. I’m not sure why a totalitarian slave-state like North Korea would be able to create both nukes and ICBM’s while a marginally less-totalitarian but much larger slave-state like Iran is not. Gee, maybe it has something to do with Israel having the balls to take out the nuke-factories while our dear old President Clinton decided to “negotiate” with that epitome of honesty, beloved dictator Kim Il-jong. I doubt that N. Korea has the capablity to develop working nukes in the near future, though Iran certainly will if Bush decides to echo Clinton and “negotiate” with the death-happy Islamic fundamentalists.

Of course North Korea and Iran claim that their nuke plants are (mostly)intended for the peaceful purpose of “providing electricity to the People“. If the satellite photo below is any indication, they definately need it.