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Financial irresponsibility


Even if you aren’t an Aggie, the latest zinger by Matthew Maddox is brilliant.

Also: For the first time in many months, 100% of my website is working (as far as I know.) Enjoy it while it lasts and be sure to let me know if you find any bugs/missing pages/errors.

Whos the worst dictator of all time?


Today’s blog is a reply to the following question I saw on a local forum: Who is the worst dictator of all time?
My post:
How can you answer this kind of question without first determining what makes someone evil in the first place?
And how can you possibly make such a comparison without some standard by which to judge the moral worth of a person?
So, to determine just how evil a man is, you must first find out what standard of morality one should be judged by in the first place.
Here is what I think:


LAWRENCE, Massachusetts (AP) — This city’s superintendent of schools, who recently put two dozen teachers on unpaid leave for failing a basic English proficiency test, has himself flunked a required literacy test three times.
The story concludes:

Laboy, who receives a 3 percent pay hike this month that will raise his salary to $156,560, recently put 24 teachers on unpaid administrative leave because they failed a basic English test

This pretty much speaks for itself. I would only add that the same unions that oppose vouchers and bash home schooling ensure that the worthless bureaucrats who run our schools are paid so much.

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