30th Jun, 2003

After three straight days of

After three straight days of coding, I’m nearing complection on my VB.Net/Access online store. A few months from now I’ll look back on my skills and laugh, but right now I am a .Net God.

In other news, I’ve set up a few new Collectrix customers, including Mike and Steve, who will hopefully join the growing number of prominent Objectivist bloggers. I have also updated my art gallery and moved it to a faster server and continued developing my home-grown CMS for Capitalism Worldwide. For my next project, I’d like to design an original Win32/.Net application, perhaps utilizing XML and/or databases. I still haven’t decided just what I want to create, so if you have any suggestions, send me a note.

Also: I always enjoy reading about new applications of Objectivism to fields you might think are totally unrelated to philosophy. Well, think again: world class champions in bodybuilding and bridge once again prove that an outlook based on realism and rationality will help you succed in any field.

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