Take a look at the following email I sent to the GnuPG (GNU Privacy Guard) team. I encourage my readers to send similar emails to organizations or websites that put up “no war” banners.

Dear GnuPG team,
I noticed a “no-war” image on your homepage linked to the U.N. Human Rights Resolution. I am unclear however, who’s “human rights” your project supports. Do you support the human rights of the hundreds of thousands of Iraqis killed by Saddam’s murderous regime? Where is your banner for the human rights of the 3,000 Americans killed by terrorists?

Who do you expect to protect these human rights? Libya, the brutal dictatorship elected to Chair the U.N. Human Rights Commission, or Iraq, Chair of the U.N. Disarmament Conference? Which member of the human rights commission do you expect to champion human rights — Cuba, Vietnam, Syria, Saudi Arabia, or the slave-holding Sudan? Or do you support the “human rights” of the UN officials to exploit Iraqi suffering for their personal gain? There is only one body in the world today that supports the rights of both the victims of terrorism and the victims of dictatorships with more than hollow resolutions: the United States. Towards this end, please note the attached image of the American flag, which you may link to your favorite branch of the United States Armed Forces.

Until your website stops supporting dictators and opposing justice, I will not endorse your views by using your products. If you do not believe that my portrayal of your position is accurate, I look forward to an explanation or elaboration of the “official” stance of the GnuPG project.

David Veksler, Former GnuPG user.
US Flag