Ted Turner on terrorism: “There’s a lot of despair out there. Despair and poverty… these breed anger. And, I think, that’s one of the reasons terrorism exists. There’s so much frustration, anger, and despair..In the Arab view, America doesn’t do enough to help them and that’s why they’re so angry at it,” he said. The battle against terrorism is a battle against poverty and injustice. People are willing to die when they don’t have anything to live for.”

meanwhile, “poverty-stricken …. North Korea’s Foreign Ministry said Thursday it would immediately end a freeze on its nuclear power plant in response to an allied decision to suspend oil aid to Pyongyang,.Under a 1994 pact, Pyongyang promised to scrap plans to develop nuclear weapons in return for light water nuclear reactors and fuel oil supplies.”

as, US forced seized then released an unmarked, North Korean freighter loaded with Scuds and chemicals:
“The real name of the North Korean ship had been painted over, so too had the registration number. The vessel was not flying a flag which Señor Trillo said meant the Spanish crew was within its legal rights to seize the vessel.At first the So San’s captain claimed she was a Cambodian vessel but on seeing marines clambering into launches and heading in his direction he asked if he could contact his masters in Pyongyang. “
“Señor Trillo listed the haul as 15 Scud missiles, 15 conventional warheads, 23 tanks of nitric acid rocket propellant and 85 drums of chemicals.”
The ship was allowed to go on with all it’s cargo after “The [Yemeni] Sanaa Government insisted the Scuds were for their own defence and were indignant at suggestions the missiles could fall into unscrupulous hands.”

Also, apparently Palestinian rule seems to have it’s flaws:
“Crime wave in West Bank as unpaid cops turn rogue…A network of gangs have appeared that extort from businessmen, steal property and other assets and work for those who want to eliminate their rivals. The sources said the gangs operate in the Jerusalem and Ramallah areas and face virtually no danger from being captured by either Israeli or Palestinian authorities.”