I think I'm gonna be sick

Hello again to my hordes of faithfull readers [sarcasm]
I’ve gotten over my cold/fever and am feeling much better, plus I’ve been busy with the various clubs that I’m in.
I’m taking four out of five classes at the Bush school which are fairly interesting, but there is on in particular — Constitutional Rights and Liberties which has been….annoying me to no end. More specifically, reading the textbooks for the class nearly makes me sick every time I pick up my books. Let me give you some examples of the questions the authors poses:
“What are rights and liberties if you lack the resources to take advantage of them?”
“What use is freedom of speech if no one can hear you?”
“Is it possible for the welathy few to dominate public debate and stifle the ‘free marketplace of ideas’?”
and my favorite,
“Does the Constitution protect us from private institutions which interfere with our liberties and rights?”
Hey, Mr Sulivan, do you have any idea what rights are? How about the initiation of force?
Apparently not, as he subscribes to the ideology that everyone is guaranteed the “right” to a paycheck, food, housing, healthcare, cable television, and a spot to spew his rhetoric as part of his “constitutional rights” to everyone else’s life, liberty, and property –an ideology also known as “socialism,” “communism,” and more recently, “democracy.”

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