24th Jun, 2002

Annoying Stuff

My INFO class is BOOORING!
We were learning html today and it was like someone teaching me how to tie my shoes. I make it a point to go to every class, but I think I would be much better of skipping and going to work where I can get paid to do real work with computers. Plus it’s really frigging annoying that my prof does her html code in ALL CAPS, without “quotes” and with huge tabs in front of her code. (It’s against the current html standard) Not to mention that she requires us to use frames and I consider frames a big no no when it comes to make quality sites.
Then at work today, this cute sounding, but clueless girl calls in and I spend AN HOUR trying to figure out just what her problem is. My favorite thing with people like that is when I ask them to do something simple like “open up your browser” and then wait for 5 minutes as I hear them struggling and saying thinks like “ok” and “here we go” and “hmmm” and and I ask them if they need help and they say “no, I got it!” and then finally they ask “so, what’s a browser?”

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