10th Jun, 2002

Libertarian Convention..

…was a blast! I met many, many cool people, talked philosophy, politics, economics, ethics, and business all night, ate some great food, stayed in a snazzy hotel room, and got the (unofficial) job of LP state webmaster in addition to potentially doing some local campagn websites. I also made a tentative speech plan for the coming year and met several potential speaker I can invite to come to A&M.
There were some negative aspects however, such as the highly argumentative nature of the nomination and convention process (more than should be, methinks) Also, some less than qualified people were nominated to office, but I suppose that’s what elections are all about. In any case, I bet the Libertarians are about the only party that actually have a real Parliamentary - style convention process, whereas the Dems, Reps, and Greens probably have big PR gigs, while the real decisions are made in smoky bars and strip clubs. I’d like to know how true that is.

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