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An Objectivist wedding ceremony

Here is the text of my wedding ceremony earlier this year.  I was not able to find any appropriate ceremonies for me, so I wrote my own.  I’m posting this for those looking for a wedding ceremony inspired by Objectivist ideas.

(The only thing missing are some readings contributed by our friends and family.)


Welcome friends.

We gather here today to mark the marriage of Sarah and David. They have invited us to witness their partnership so we may know the nature of their bond and to respect, honor, and celebrate their union.

Prudence will indicate that bonds so total and everlasting should not be entered lightly, and not without due consideration and full knowledge of the commitment they entail. But when two people recognize that they are each other’s highest value, and that their individual happiness depends on each other, it is their sacred right to enter into the partnership of marriage. And so, a decent respect for their friends and family requires that they should declare the reasons that impel them to join and celebrate their marriage.

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