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Developing countries don't need aid and democracy: they need to be re-colonized by Western ideas

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The material and social progress of post-Enlightenment European civilization stands in stark contrast to the rest of human history. No other culture has created such dramatic and widespread progress in such a short time.

Those who wish to export the material success of the West to the rest of the world must first recognize the causal link between the moral-political foundation of the West and the material progress it makes possible. Moral and social relativism (multiculturalism) and political pragmatism has led to attempts to import superficial political and material Western forms while rejecting their philosophical basis. As demonstrated in post-colonial Africa and India, Southeast Asia, Soviet Russia and Maoist China, such attempts lead to bloody failure when the industrial power of Western forms is directed by traditionalist values.

The superhighways of the West cannot be build over the swamps of tribalism, traditionalism, and collectivism. They must first be drained and replaced with good ideas from the ground up. This does not require a wholesale abandonment of native culture, for they are neither all bad nor are Western ideas without fault. What is required is a ruthless rational examination of the philosophical basis of Western success and an intellectual re-colonization of the non-Western world.

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