Toddler's water-filled sippy cup leads TSA to humiliate mother

More evidence Lord Acton was right:

Monica Emmerson was detained for 45 minutes. She wasn’t questioned about possible ties to terrorists. Her carry-on items weren’t rigorously searched — or even searched again. Neither the police nor TSA took any action that indicated that they throught she might be a security risk. She was just detained, harassed and threatened with arrest. All because of a sippy cup with water in it. (Update: the TSA posted a video of the incident.)

Mom, Elisa Kelly, and her ex-husband, George Robinson, are paying the price for hosting Ryan’s 16th birthday party — more than two years in jail each. Ryan had asked his mother to buy his friends some beer and wine, as long as they all spent the night.

“No one left the party,” said Kelly, 42, who collected car keys that night almost five years ago to prevent anyone from leaving. “No one was hurt. No one drove anywhere. I really don’t think I deserve to go to jail for this long.”

19 high school students face 4 years in jail for placing alarm clocks in classroom as a senior prank: They wanted to participate in a fun, creative senior prank. They never intended to end up with police dogs searching their school, 19 students arrested on felony charges and dozens more slapped with community service requirements.


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4 Responses to Toddler's water-filled sippy cup leads TSA to humiliate mother

  1. SF

    This is the land of the free and the brave? :/

    It reminds me of ex Soviet countries where common folk were hired by the state as spies to report any “subversive activities” on behalf of their neighbours.

    Who the FUCK called the cops? I hope they’re happy they ruined family life for their shitty “values”.

  2. ZZ

    TSA has posted video and the incident report on this. Check it out.

  3. 1) The video shows the woman walked out by ONE TSA person than the TSA person LEAVES.
    2) The video shows the woman pouring the water onto the floor and shaking the sippy cup.
    3) The video shows the woman turn around and try to enter through the exit only lane.
    4) The video shows ONE female police officer stop her.
    5) The video shows the woman take her child (for what reason) out of the stroller.
    6) The video shows a second police officer arrive on bike.
    7) The video shows the woman cleaning up the water she spilled.
    8) Also after just alittle over 11 minutes the woman is DONE with the ordeal (not the 45 minutes of being detained)
    9) The report states that she went back though security a second time and allowed to fly.

    TSA is NOT the sole and primary people responsible for this occuring. SHE argued with the police.

    I’ve seen people banned from flying that day because they talked back to the poilce at the airport.

  4. Jason Ross

    I don’t think Acton ever said, “The world is full of lots of stupid, stupid people,” but it would have been an appropriate reference in this case if he had.

    I think TSA security regulations are wrought with imperfections, like anything. However, they have been designed to attend to public perception as much as to actual threats. Because one lunatic tried to put a bomb in his shoe several years ago, we all take our shoes off (but not our pants or our shirts; anything I can hide in a shoe I can hide elsewhere.) Similarly, because of a handful of other crazies, we can’t take a 4 oz bottle of water on board (unless we bought it in the terminal), but we can take unlimited supplies of prescription and non-prescription medicine at the security agent’s discretion. And yes, it is annoying, but by now, no one has any excuse for not being aware of what to expect. Therefore, come prepared and deal with it. They may also be under the erroneous assumption that hassle-free flying is a right and not a privilege, in which case they fall into the “stupid, stupid” category along with so many others. And finally, they may also be oblivious to the fact that however irritating airport security may be, it also appears to be working quite well, and that most of us are quite content to sacrifice a little convenience– NOT liberty, for some security. For, what is liberty without security? Short-lived.

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