A digital record of your life

Last month, I wrote:

A number of researchers are working on video cameras integrated into clothing or eye-ware that can record a 24/7 video stream from the wearer’s perspective. They predict that an entire lifetime of such recordings will be able to fit into a small device within 10 years. When this technology is merged with GPS and computer vision software and cross-referenced with our contact lists and email, a complete digital record of our life will exist to supplement our memories. Imagine being able to search for and review anything experienced during your digitally-enhanced life.

Today I came across a SciAm article about the technology that will make it possible:

New systems may allow people to record everything they see and hear–and even things they cannot sense–and to store all these data in a personal digital archive
Microsoft Research’s Gordon Bell has launched a research project, called MyLifeBits, aimed at creating a digital archive of all his interactions with the world. Bell’s digital memories include documents from his long career in the computer industry, all the photographs he takes and conversations he records, every Web site he visits, and every e-mail he sends and receives.
Storage requirements are estimated at 18 GB a year, 1.1 TB over a 60-year span.

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