Medical Refugees Flee to India

Wired writes about Americans who “outsource” their medical procedures to India. Luxurious treatment abroad used to be only available to the rich – now ordinary Americans can save 2/3 of the cost of operations by going abroad. Besides the difference in wage rates, why do you think medical procedures are so much cheaper in India? Could medical liability laws and the FDA have something to do with it?

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2 Responses to Medical Refugees Flee to India

  1. David: As author of the forthcoming book “Patients Beyond Borders,” my team and I have done a good deal of research as to why healthcare costs are lower in countries such as India, Malaysia, Costa Rica, and others. Certainly liability laws are a huge factor, and of course the very expensive infrastructure that supports the US healthcare system, including the FDA, also act to keep costs high here. Other contributing factors include lower cost of medical education abroad, lower salaries for physicians and staff and lower standards of living overall. For the moment, that’s all good news for Americans who wish to travel abroad for healthcare, so long as they are informed, and make careful choices (e.g. American-accredited hospitals, credentialed, certified physicians, state-of-the-art equipment, and the like). Informed patients choosing the right treatment centers can save up to 80% on expensive surgeries, in 5-star environments. Medical “refugees” or just smart health travelers?

  2. sanjeevi

    Sorry, for the submission of an incomplete reply …Hygiene is something rare outside those 5 star hospitals and the patient is not going check into the hospital directly and take off. Post surgical care during recovery period is meant to last several years and the doctors awaiting for instant billing of thousands of dollars would be hard to approach as life has no guarantee.

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